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FAQs As a new way of doing things, we get asked lots of questions about what we do. We've tried to cover as many as we can in these FAQs, but if yours isn't covered, please contact us, and we will include it on this page.

How Swisscofunding works

What is peer to peer
How can I change my information?
Who can use the Peer To Peer lending platform
If I apply for a loan, how long will it take before the money is in my account?
Can I pay some or all of my loan off early?
Who can lend on SwissCofunding?
What happens if a Borrower misses a payment?
How do I apply for a loan?
Does SwissCofunding charge Borrowers a fee?
What is "Lender Offered Rate"?
Why borrow through SwissCofunding?
Why do people borrow through SwissCofunding not a bank?
What's the minimum/maximum I can lend?
I've sent some funds to SwissCofunding, What happens now?
How do I withdraw a portion or capital plus interest of my lending?