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SwissCofunding is a Swiss marketplace which matches borrowers, looking for a low cost loan, with lenders who want to grow their savings. Rather than lending to or borrowing from a bank, you are lending and borrowing directly from each other - with the role of SwissCofunding being to run things so that both sides get what they are looking for.

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What is going on..?

SwissCofunding is a simple concept. Creditworthy Borrowers want a low cost loan. Smart Savers want a better return. We match them up and ensure everyone gets what they've been promised.

Savers lend money to a bank. The bank then lends it to other people. The bank gets a great return from the Borrower, and gives a small interest rate to you. SwissCofunding was launched to offer an alternative to those Savers who are looking for a fair return on their money, and to those Borrowers who want a simple, low cost loan, delivered with an old-fashioned idea of customer service.

  • Our credit reference agency is CRIF AG (Delta Vista)
  • Our legal advisor is IUBENDA
  • Our banker is PostFinance Ltd
  • Our accountant is MLL Services SARL
  • Unsere Musik ist Bensoud

SwissCofunding is not a bank. We help ordinary people lend and borrow money. Borrowers say how much money they need, then they set the interest rate they’re happy to pay. Savers say how much money they want to invest, then they set the interest they’re happy to receive. We simply match them up.

You decide the rates. We do the rest.

The rest is just like what a high street bank would do. We check our borrowers and lenders are who they say they are. We check a borrower’s creditworthiness. We match a lender’s savings to a borrower’s loan. We deal with all the paperwork and payments. All this happens behind the scenes – and we charge our borrowers and savers a small fee for it.

We can't say what our rates are because we let you – our borrowers and lenders – decide. You choose when rates go up. You choose when they go down. And by bringing you together directly, everyone gets a better deal. Rates that are lower than the norm if you’re a borrower, and higher than the norm if you’re a saver.

We’re not the first company to offer peer-to-peer lending but our way of doing things is different from the rest as we give lenders and borrower the opportunity to decide on everything. SwissCofunding way is designed to match what you want quicker and give you greater flexibility. It's allowed us to ensure that everyone has received everything they have expected.

Of course, we’ll always need banks. But there will always be other ways, too. Better ways for people to save and borrow. Ways that question how things have always been done and shake them up.

SwissCofunding is the other way.